팔천만의 떡은 언제나 당일 생산되며 하루판매를 철저히 지킵니다. 김치 또한 주문시 주문 당일 새로 담그는 신선한 김치입니다.

철저한 재료선정과 제작과정으로 내 가족이 먹는다는 마음으로 안전하게 만듭니다. 언제나 청결하고 맛있는 제품로 고객님 한분 한분을 만족시켜 드리려 노력하겠습니다.

80 Million Food rice cakes are made today, gone today. We don’t have sell by dates because we make it, and you eat it on the same day of purchase.

Our Kimchi are also made daily for market distribution and they are also specially made on a call for individual orders as well.

We prepare our products as if we’re making a family meal by thorough ingredient selection to production.

Everyday Rice Cake

Fresh Rice Cake Everyday

Traditional Cake

Traditional Cake for your Special Day

Flower Cake

Custom Made Flower Cake

How to storage Rice Cake

First time trying rice cake? Check out storage information for detail information!

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